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"7 rings" by Ariana Grande has a fanmade routine on Redoo’s channel.

Appearance of the Dancer[]

The dancer is a woman. She has long blonde hair and is wearing yellow sunglasses and a purple visor hat. She is wearing a purple sports bra, with wine color shorts and elastic thigh-high heels with yellow clippings connecting the shorts with the high heels. She is wearing a royal purple glove.


At the chorus, the background is a purple color, with the coach going through sets of rings with the words ‘I want it, I got it’ appearing near the rings. At the bridge, the screen in the background starts to form two women who resemble Ariana Grande, then the screen turns hot pink.

Gold Moves[]

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Put your hands on your hips, and slightly shake your shoulders.
Gold Move 2: Extend your arms away from your torso.
Gold Move 3: Place your right foot forward and hit your arms up.


  • 7 rings is the ninth song to have a routine in the official Just Dance games.
  • There was an ad at the beginning for Amino.
  • "S**t", "b***h", "b**ches", and "ass" are censored.
  • 7 rings is the first song by Ariana Grande to have a fanmade routine on Redoo’s channel.