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"Bring The Fire" by Ylwa has a fanmade routine on Redoo’s channel.

Appearance of the Dancer[]

The coach in the routine is a man with black hair and a light pink and deep pink shirt with a pocket, black pants and shoes. Under the shirt, he has a dark gray long shirt that is shorter on his right arm. He has black skin and wears a deep pink bandana.


The background is black and it has a platform where the dancer is. Lightning squares of various colors appear with circles in the back. In some parts of the song, different shapes will appear instead of squares or circles.

Gold Moves[]

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine, which are all the same:

All Gold Moves: Shake your hands and lower your head backwards.


  • Some of the pictograms are from several routines in the official Just Dance series.
  • There are several errors in the lyrics:
    • "Deep breath" is misinterpreted as "beep breath".
    • "Aye ah, aye ah" is misinterpreted as "Ayeh, ayeh".
    • The "spin" in "DJ spin the hotness", is spelled with two n's.