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"Hymn For The Weekend" by Coldplay featuring Beyonce has a fanmade routine on Redoo’s channel.

Appearance of the Dancer[]

The dancer is a man. He has short black hair and wears a silver shirt over a dark red opened vest, jade teal pants and dark red shoes with white laces and silver soles. He has an aqua glove.


Gold Moves[]

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Kick your right leg out and swing your right arm in front of you.
Gold Move 2: Slowly raise your left arm whilst moving to the left.


  • The music is muted because of copyright. The video with music is in a Google Drive folder that is in the description of the video.
    • The video later got a copyright strike.
      • Months later, the copyright strike expired.
        • Later, the video got another copyright strike.
          • The audio was later removed from the video, with a version of the video with audio being linked in the video’s description.
  • "Miles up", "drunk", and "high" are censored.
  • There are a few lyric errors:
    • "You said drink from me, drink from me" is misinterpreted as "So drink for me drink for me".
    • "Poured on a symphony" is misinterpreted as "We're on a symphony".
    • "When I'm low, low, low, low" is misinterpreted as "When I'm lower lower lower low".
    • "Now I’m feeling ... and ... so... so ..." is misinterpreted as "Got me feeling ... and ... so... so ..."
    • "I feel you coursing through my blood" is misinterpreted as "I feel it coursing throught my blood".
    • "That I shoot across the sky" is misinterpreted as "Then we'll shoot across the sky".